For ridging, the objective might be different:
Avoid frost at the base of the vine, by creating a mound that covers the trunk of the vine.
Drain away excess water to prevent the vines from stagnating in the humidity during the winter (depending on regional hydrometric differences).
Bury weeds and grasses so that they will rot. This operation can be repeated several times a year.
Dig a furrow as deep as possible in poor terrains in order to add soil-enriching agents (manures.)
Improve soil structure and aeration for microbial activity.
To facilitate a deeper soil environment and to optimize the water supply of the vine.

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Les différents pièces d'un buttoir
Autre modèle : Buttoir médoc type Versoirs "été"

Alternative model : Medoc-type ridger with “summer” moldboard


For ridging, depending on the region and the soil, symmetrical ridgers or half-ridgers are used.
These materials are equipped with a welded or flexible tip and either fixed or adjustable moldboards.
The shape of the plowshare depends on the region, the type of terrain and planting widths.

The benefits of BOISSELET

• An ancestral know-how
• A wide range of ridgers
• High resistance steel
• Easy to work with

Rear view ridger

Ridger rear view

Ridging variations

Depending on the desired grass management.

Ridging variations depending on the desired grass management.

Ridger settings

Ridger settings on tractor


1 : Position the tractor

2 : Place the tool on the ground

3 : Working depth Define the desired working depth by raising the tractor wheels by the same amount (10 to 20 cm at most)

4 : Ground-contactSet the ridger flat in this position

The ridgers range

Buttoirs avec versoirs fixes et pointe fixe

• Fixed moldboards
• Fixed point

Buttoirs avec versoirs fixes et pointe fixe

• Fixed moldboards
• Mobile point

Buttoirs avec versoirs réglables et pointe mobile

• Adjustable moldboards
• Movable point

The half-ridgers range

Corps butteur à pointe fixe

• Fixed point

Corps butteur à pointe mobile

• Movable point




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