The sucker remover is intended for the mechanical cleaning of vineyards. It enables:
• the detachment of young, non-fruit-bearing shoots (suckers) from the trunk of the vine
• the cleaning of the old bark and the moss where parasites are lodged
• the elimination of hard-to-reach grasses around the vines.

It must be combined with a mechanical parallelogram for optimal plant safety.



Suck remover with sleeve attachment : 200 mm with 16 straps, 300mm with 24 straps et 400 mm with 32 straps

Working heights :
• 200 mm with 16 straps
• 300 mm with 24 straps
• 400 mm with 32 straps

Sucker remover description

Did you know ?

The sucker remover is made up of a drum guided by two sealed bearings fitted with rubber abrasive straps. The rotation of the drum is obtained by a hydraulic motor which acts on an angle gear. The motors are mounted in series with drainage. The structure is equipped with a protection system that effectively protects the vines in all situations.




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