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 Who says new year, also says new catalog ! The new BOISSELET catalog is now available ! Contact us for more info



The 36th edition of SIVAL is over

The SIVAL show in ANGERS has closed its doors and the ranges of BOISSELET mechanical and hydraulic tools have once again met with great interest and success with visitors for their relevance and reputation in responding to the characteristics and specificities in each exploitation.

 See you soon on the next shows !




While the harvest is ending for some, our workshops are redoubling their efforts to ensure the assembly of the coming season like here with a "TAP PRO 450" auger mounted on a Bobard 1027 straddle tractor
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We offer a wide range of INTERLINE FRAMES for traditional rear coupling and front mounting with or without predisposition / 3-point option on tractor.


There are the COMPACT (OSCILLATING Option), MEDIUM and LONG (Frame lifting angle) frames.


For each of these models, we offer different working widths MINI & MAXI.




This is an adaptation between wheels with hydraulic extension and cross slope of the undervine STARMATIC of the range Bio-MATIC.


At the next show of Vinitech Bordeaux, we will be happy to present you our last new equipments:





Dear Customers,

We are pleased to share with you the testimony of a ACOLYTE user.

This article appeared in the journal "Viticulture in the Loire Valley".

We remain at your disposal for any information or explanation on this tool holder.


On the occasion of the last VINITECH fair 2014 in Bordeaux, "France3 Bourgogne" made a report about innovative firms in Burgundy. The BOISSELET society had been taken on for its historic (since 1836), its production methods (forge and machine welding workshops), and its Innovation prices 2003, 2004 and 2014 for products that are still commercialized which are known for the quality of the production, innovative concept and performance.






For the maintenance of your vineyard facing the sick or dead ceps, and to optimize future plantations and thus the coming harvest BOISSELET offers different types of GROUND AUGER.



We manufacture:


             - TAP G12: ground auger with hydraulic motor drive.

             - TAP PRO 450: ground auger with motorcycle gear and hydraulic system.

             - TAC AND TAC PRO: ground auger with pile of stick and rock breaker system (for hard floor)


They fit on all types of clearance tractors or tractors spaced with electro-hydraulic system of control (joystick).


Don't hesitate to contact us.




BOISSELET offers in a spirit of partnership the most advanced and successfull range of mechanical tools floor care for:

        - ridging, ploudhing back, growing, tilling........

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice, reflections or opinion.

We have at your disposal a dealer for your country for each project.



 For all those who wish to preserve a grass strip in the middle of the row, we remind you our wide range so-called "spacing" mowers is composed to:

- GIRO COMBI (0.5m cut)

- GIRO PM (from 0.5m to 0.6m cut)

- GIRO GM (from 0.6m to 0.8m cut)

- GIRO MM (from 0.8m to 1m cut)

They answers to all the needs of vines planted 1m to 1.50m.

These mowers can be mounted on clearance tractors, wine makers frames, bogies trimmers....






For a specific use, we point to all customers that is now possible to adapt on our rotary tools a BRUSH WITH METAL STRAND.


The installed on the place of hub on discomatic, starmatic or petalmatic.


This concept allows a superficial trimmer.

Considering the important presence of bindweed in some plots, the BROSMATIC tool now gives excellent results.






We regularly receive request for tours  of our production site and we are pleased to have been able to satisfy the curiosity and expectation of many visitors we welcomed in recent weeks

Do not hesitate to contact us for questions or taking date at the following adress:


We inform our clients and fuure clients that we are always available to:

- for testing tools

- explanations for settings

- assistance to use


Do not hesitate to contact us by mail, fax, phone if necessary.



Due to lack of gel on the lack this winter, we remind you that we propose a simple system with often spectacular results:

                        Rotary spading machine BE (54-66-74...) adaptable between wheels or tools holders fall trails.


 Winter approaching, it is important to think to the period of grinding branches.

We remind you that we have the widest range of market in narrow rows:

                - ROTABO                

We remind that the ROTABO is available in 2 versions:

- The EVOLUTIONARY version in grinders recuperator for extraction of wood of the vine (compost, heating...)

-The PREMIUM version: (no cash convertible)

                 - ECOLEX : available in 4 differents working widths

             -RORO 60 ET RO 80


New! Our mowers are ideal and more and more used for the mowing under the fences.

For more informations, please contact your local distributor.

A lot of consumers are yet delighted with this equipment.


Dears customers,

In this time, being given the amount of grass in many important regions, testing of PETALMATIC+ and uses customers already own always give excellent results.

In plot or this tool has already been used it is possible to look for, for a flat work, the CUTMATIC option.


Since the last year, the BOISSELET company has designed and developed a HIGH RESISTANCE CUTMATIC BLADE. It is already possible to seeing the benefits in regions with an abrasive ground.

This tool is available in spare parts and its adaptation is easy on old system.



Due to the significant amount grass in the ranks we inform you that the climate will be better you have the option to neutralize this shoot thanks to plows calling DISK HARROW. (disponible in 2 and 3 disks.)

These are completely machanicals equipment and team protector plants to ensure a thorough job while respecting the vegetation.


Despit the amount of grass on the planting strips it is possible to maintain a clean vineyard thanks to inter-vine mower.

The mower engine version deporte already gives good results in quality of mowing and in terms of security (carther normalizes).

We remind that these mowers can be adaptated to a mechanical arm deletion or on continuity of the biomatic range fitted on the SERVO-MOTEUR.



Dear customers,

Despite the weather, demonstrations-sales have been realised.

The traditionnal plowing back with DECAVATIC tool or with the rotary plowing back system like PETALMATIC+ the results were excellent.

With the amount of grass in time, tools to use are: CUTMATIC, PETALMATIC+ and the VALMATIC easily adaptable on the SERVO-MOTEUR ensuring a quality work and compliance with the plant even in young vines.

If you need informations or if you have question, do not hesitate to contact your distributor.


In the beginning of the season, we announce a major evolution has made our hydraulic system of clearing servo-motor.

Since this campaign, the new generation is equipped with "a double spring kit" that brings the system to work better RESPONSIVENESS associated with greater SENSITIVITY.

For your information, this kit can be fitted to the existing system.

For more information or for the acquisition of this system please contact  your local distributor.


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