Manufacturers of viticultural equipment since 1836

For more than 50 years, BOISSELET SAS has been designing and manufacturing special tools for working the soil between line-grown crops : viticulture, arboriculture, nurseries, market gardening... Faithful to its beginnings, BOISSELET SAS is a market leader in the manufacture and adaptation of traditional ploughing tools for high-clearance tractors (tow-bars, parallelograms, legs, ploughshares, ridgers, French plough beams...), accessories (toothed harrows, subsoiling ploughs, decompactors...) and fastenings.

Research and development
BOISSELET SAS designs and manufactures the largest online Range of viticultural equipment. Always in search of innovation, BOISSELET SAS makes the best use of the dynamic evolution of technology to produce new equipment. With our mastery of the manufacturing process and your specifications, we can design together new customized assemblies that marry perfectly with your existing equipment.

Demonstrations and advice
A technical adviser from BOISSELET SAS is waiting to take your call and ready to visit your premises to demonstrate any of our products and carry out trials in your fields (horticulture, nurseries, market gardening...)

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Data sheets

Data sheets
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