Thanks to our location in Burgundy, in the heart of high density vineyards, we have -since the mechanization of these vineyards in the 1950s- developed specific tools adapted for straddle tractors for vines planted from 0.90 m to 1.50 m.

Our equipment is designed for various tasks such as ridging, plow-back (ridge removal / un-earthing), tillage, hoeing.... but also for any applications related to new agricultural approaches, such as subsoiling, shredding, mowing...

To deal with the implementation of equipment, we ensure that straddle tractors are equipped with tool holders between the wheels, using either a pushed or pulled design, and using either hitch or quick fasteners.


On these tool holders, different options exist. You can choose our EVOLUKIT ( Boisselet proprietary concept) mount or opt for regular frame supports.


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