For vineyards traditionally worked, the first important step to protect plantations against winter frost risk and facilitate better drainage.
In addition, this operation causes a mechanical system root competition and thus promote better rooting.

BOISSELET also fashioned various matrices to forge plowshares and moldboard adapted to each type of widths and field plantations.

Through this experience BOISSELET offers a wider range of tools hilling.

There are different types of 1/2 ridger bottom (or 1/2 ridger) and a model Covering blade.

BOISSELET manufactures five different ridger bottom that can be tipped share with wear or fix bar. They can be used alone (1 or 2 associated pairs) and / or with a ridger.

Each element is equipped ridging of a vertical section of 50x30 fixation and offsetting 0 or 60 or 90 or 120 mm, depending on the widths or the planting assembly to create.

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